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Contact CCR through Professor Jack Williams (Director), Julie Niesen (Department Contact), or directly through the faculty affiliates and research staff.

Center for Climatic Research (CCR)
1225 W. Dayton St.
Madison, Wisconsin 53706-1695, USA
Phone: 608-262-2839
FAX: 608-263-4190

Faculty and Staff

Name Title Phone Room Email
Desai, Ankur AOS Professor 265-9201 1549
He, Feng CCR Assistant Scientist 263-3973 1235
Hotchkiss, Sara Botany Professor 265-5716 1135
Kutzbach, John CCR, AOS, Nelson Institute, and Plaenert-Bascom Professor of Liberal Arts 262-0392 1125
Liu, Zhengyu CCR, AOS Professor, Nelson Institute 262-0777 1155
Lorenz, David CCR Assistant Scientist 262-1956 1101
McKinley, Galen AOS Professor 262-4817 1511
Notaro, Michael CCR Associate Director, Senior Scientist 261-1503 1103
Vavrus, Steve CCR Senior Scientist 265-5279 1105
Vimont, Dan AOS Professor, Bryson CPEP Professor 263-3420 1123
Williams, Jack CCR Director, Geography Professor 265-5537 / 262-0232 AOSS 1131/Science Hall 208