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Center for Climatic Research (CCR)
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Madison, Wisconsin 53706-1695, USA
Phone: 608-262-2839
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Name Title Department Institution Email
Back, Larissa Assistant Professor AOS UW-Madison
Barford, Carol SAGE Director SAGE UW-Madison
Behling, Pat Emeritus CCR UW-Madison
Bennington, Val CCR Assistant Scientist
Bland, William Professor Soil Science UW-Madison
Block, Paul Assistant Professor Civil & Environmental Engineering UW-Madison
Chandler, Mark Honorary Fellow AOS UW-Madison
Cheng, Jun
Cummings, Linda Scott Honorary Fellow Analyst Paleo Research Institute
Feinstein, Noah Associate Professor School of Education UW-Madison
Gallimore, Robert Emeritus CCR UW-Madison
Holloway, Tracey Associate Professor SAGE UW-Madison
Hopkins, Edward Emeritus AOS UW-Madison
Jacob, Robert Scientist Math and Computer Science Division Argonne National Lab
Jeraj, Marjeta Honorary Fellow CCR UW-Madison
Johnston, Craig Assistant Professor Forest and Wildlife Ecology UW-Madison
Kaplan, Samantha Assistant Professor Geography & Geology UW-Stevens Point
Kelly, Clay Associate Professor Geology UW-Madison
Kossin, Jim Honorary Fellow SSEC UW-Madison
Kucharik, Chris Associate Professor Agronomy UW-Madison
Lathrop, Richard Emeritus Limnology UW-Madison
L'Ecuyer, Tristan Assistant Professor AOS UW-Madison
Liebl, David Faculty Associate Engineering Professional Development UW-Madison
Magnuson, John Emeritus Zoology UW-Madison
Marcott, Shaun Assistant Professor Geoscience UW-Madison
Marin-Spiotta, Erika Professor Geography UW-Madison
Martin, Jon Professor AOS UW-Madison
Mason, Joseph Professor Geography UW-Madison
Middlecamp, Cathy Associate Professor Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies UW-Madison
Meyers, Stephen Assistant Professor Geology UW-Madison
Mladenoff, David Professor Forest Landscape Ecology Lab UW-Madison
Mouw, Colleen Assistant Researcher SSEC UW-Madison
Naughton, Lisa Professor Geography UW-Madison
Orland, Ian Student Geology UW-Madison
Pidgeon, Anna Assistant Professor Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology UW-Madison
Porter, Warren Professor Zoology UW-Madison
Potter, Ken Professor Civil and Environment Engineering UW-Madison
Radeloff, Volker Professor Agriculture & Life Sciences UW-Madison
Sanford, Patricia Emeritus CCR UW-Madison
Stechmann, Sam Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics UW-Madison
Woodworth, Melanie Emeritus
Wyrwoll, Karl-Heinz Senior Lecturer School of Earth and Environment University of Western Austrailia
Young, John Emeritus Professor Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences UW-Madison
Zuckerberg, Benjamin Assistant Professor Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology UW-Madison