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Your gifts play a crucial role in enhancing the breadth and quality of our research and educational programs. We have two targeted giving opportunities to support the mission of CCR, one directed towards supporting student research and the other to advance the mission of CCR of excellence in climate science.

Reid Bryson Climate Scholarship Fund

Support UW-Madison students working at the leading edge of interdisciplinary climate research. The Reid Bryson Climate Scholarship Fund recognizes exemplary graduate and undergraduate students whose research continues the tradition of innovative and interdisciplinary research by Professor Bryson, the founder of the Center for Climatic Research. Research areas include either fundamental climate and meteorological processes or topics that connect climate, people, and the environment.

Previous award-winning student research topics have been as diverse as Professor Bryson’s original ground-breaking work and CCR’s current work today. Examples include the effects of Rossby waves on precipitation in the Great Lakes (Katie Holman) and proteomics studies on ceramics from Ancient Troy (Cora Betsinger).

Help us support and recognize the next generation of scientists with a gift to the Reid Bryson Climate Scholarship Fund.

John Kutzbach Climate Research Fund

Image courtesy of the UW-Madison Archives, #S09890

Help the Nelson Institute’s Center for Climatic Research in its mission to advance understanding of the climate system through interdisciplinary investigations of past, present, and future climates, and the application of this knowledge for societally relevant purposes.

Honoring the groundbreaking scientific research and leadership of National Academy of Sciences member and former CCR director Professor John Kutzbach, this general-purpose fund can make the largest impact by allowing the Director of the Center for Climatic Research to target resources to new opportunities and strategic priorities.

Whether it is providing seed funding for an innovative research idea, inviting visiting colleagues to collaborate and share research, or engaging stakeholders from across the globe, this fund has wide ranging impacts for the Center and beyond. The John Kutzbach Climate Research Fund supports the top-tier research of our scientists and allows CCR to strategically pursue the emerging and new directions of a leading climate science research center.

Please consider making a gift to help CCR continue to lead the way on innovative climate science and solutions by contributing to the John Kutzbach Climate Research Fund.

If you would like further information about CCR or assistance in making a tax-deductible gift, please contact:

Professor Jack Williams Ann Swenson
Center for Climatic Research Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
1225 West Dayton Street 550 North Park St.
Madison, WI 53706 Madison, WI 53706
608-265-5537 or 608-262-5814 608-262-9864