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Zhengyu Liu

Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and Environmental Studies.

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1991 (Physical Oceanography).

Center for Climatic Research
Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
1155 Atmospheric, Oceanic & Space Science Bldg.
1225 W. Dayton St.
Madison, Wisconsin 53706-1695

Phone: (608) 262-0777
Fax: (608) 263-4190

Research Interests

Modeling of global climate system; Ocean-atmosphere-land interaction; Climate change and climate variability in the past, present, and future; Modeling and dynamics of general oceanic circulation; Dynamics of geophysical fluid.

See also: Climate and climate change, Large Scale Dynamics and Oceanography.

All Publications

Selected Publications

Liu, Z., B. Otto-Bliesner, F. He, E. Brady, P. Clark, J. Lynch-Steiglitz, A. Carlson, W. Curry, E. Brook, R. Jacob, D. Erickson, J. Kutzbach, J. Cheng (2009). Transient simulation of deglacial Climate Evolution with a new mechanism for Bolling-Allerod warming. Science, 325, 310-314.

Liu, Z., N. Wen and Y. Liu (2008). On the assessment of non-local climate feedback: I: the generalized Equilibrium Feedback Analysis. J. Climate, 21, 134-148.

Liu Z. and N. Wen (2008). On the assessment of non-local climate feedback: II: EFA-SVD analysis and optimal feedback. J. Climate, 21, 5404-5418.

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Clemens, S. C., W. Prell, Z. Liu and G. Chen (2008). Southern Hemisphere forcing of Pliocene d18O indicated by evolution of Indo-Asian monsoons. Paleoceanography, 23, PA4210, doi:10.1029/2008PA001638.

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