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Katie Holman

Post-doctoral Research Scientist

Center for Climatic Research
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Science Bldg.
1225 W. Dayton Street
Madison, WI 53706


Research Interests

Extratropical Rossby waves
Wave-mean flow interactions
Great Lakes water levels


Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin-Madison (2013)
Dissertation: An Investigation of Historical Lake-Atmosphere Interactions in the Great Lakes Basin

M.S. University of Wisconsin - Madison (2010)
Title: Understanding Extreme Precipitation Events in Climate Simulations of the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries

B.S. Lake Superior State University (2007)
Major: Mathematics


Holman, K. D., V. Bennington, and M. Notaro (2013): Future hydro-climate projections for the Great Lakes Basin based on CMIP5, in preparation for submission to the Journal of Great Lakes Research.

Holman, K. D. (2013): An Investigation of Historical Lake-Atmosphere Interactions in the Great Lakes Basin. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Wisconsin (USA), 139 pp.

Holman, K. D., D. J. Lorenz, and M. Notaro (2013): Influence of the background state on Rossby wave propagation into the Great Lakes region based on reanalysis data and model simulations, J. of Climate, (in review).

T. Holloway and K. D. Holman (2013): Networking for Grad School, Jobs, and Science - Tips and Frameworks for Undergraduates in Atmospheric Science. 6 pp.

V. Bennington, M. Notaro, and K. D. Holman (2013): Improving climate sensitivity of deep lakes in regional climate models and the impact on simulated climate, J. of Climate (accepted).

Notaro, M., K. D. Holman, A. Zarrin, E. Fluck, S. Vavrus, and V. Bennington (2012): Influence of the Laurentian Great Lakes on Regional Climate, J. of Climate, 26 (3), doi:10.1175/JCLI-D-12-00140.1.

Holman, K. D., A. W. Gronewold, M. Notaro, and A. Zarrin (2012): Improving Historical Precipitation Estimates Over the Lake Superior Basin, Geo. Phys. Res. Lett. 39 (3), doi:10.1029/2011GL050468.

Holman, K. D. and S. J. Vavrus, 2012: Understanding Simulated Extreme Precipitation Events in Madison, Wisconsin and the Role of Moisture Flux Convergence, J. of Hydromet., 13 (3), 877-894.