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2007 Publications

Riehl, S., R. Bryson, and K. Pustovoytov (2007). Changing growing conditions for crops during the Near Eastern Bronze Age (3000-1200 BC): the stable carbon isotope evidence. Journal of Archaeological Science, doi:10.1016/j.jas.2007.07.003, published. CCR #1068.

Desai, A.R., Noormets, A.N., Bolstad, P.V., Chen, J., Cook, B.D., Davis, K.J., Euskirchen, E.S., Gough, C.M., Martin, J.G., Ricciuto, D.M., Schmid, H.P., Tang, J.W. and Wang, W., (2008). Influence of vegetation and seasonal forcing on carbon dioxide fluxes across the Upper Midwest, USA: Implications for regional scaling, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 148(2): 288-308, doi:10.1016/j.agrformet.2007.08.001. CCR #939.

Noormets, A.N., Desai, A.R., Cook, B.D., Euskirchen, E., Ricciuto, D.M., Davis, K.J., Bolstad, P.V., Schmid, H.-P., Vogel, C.V., Carey, E.V., Su, H.B., and Chen, J. (2008). Moisture sensitivity of ecosystem respiration: Comparison of 14 forest ecosystems in the Upper Great Lakes Region, USA, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 148(2): 216-230, doi:10.1016/j.agrformet.2007.08.002. CCR #940.

** Jensen, K., E.A. Lynch, R. Calcote, and S.C. Hotchkiss (2007). Charcoal morphotypes in lake sediments: Do different fuels produce distinctive charcoal morphotypes? The Holocene 17:907-915.

** Hotchkiss, S.C., R. Calcote, and E.A. Lynch (2007). Response of vegetation and fire to Little Ice Age climate change: Regional continuity and landscape heterogeneity. Landscape Ecology 22(suppl.1):24-41.

Wyrwoll, Karl-Heinz, Z. Liu, G-S. Chen, J. E. Kutzbach and X. Liu (2007). Sensitivity of the Australian summer monsoon to tilt and precession forcing. Quaternary Science Reviews 26: 3043-3057. CCR #953.

Barkley, M.P., Monks, P.S., Hewitt, A.J., Mchida, T., Desai, A.R., Vinnichenko, N., Nakazawa, T., Yu Arshinow, M., Fedoseev, N., and Watai, T. (2007). Assessing the near surface sensitivity of SCIAMACHY atmospheric CO2 retrieved using (FSI) WFM-DOAS. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 7(13), 3597-3617. CCR #902.

Desai, A.R., Moorcroft, P.R., Bolstad, P.V., and Davis, K.J. (2007). Regional carbon fluxes from a biometrically-constrained dynamic ecosystem model: Impact of disturbance, CO2 fertilization and heterogeneous land cover. Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences, 112(G01017), doi:10.1029/2006JG000264. CCR #892.

Liu, Z., Y. Wang, R. Gallimore, F. Gasse, T. Johnson, P. deMenocal, J. Adkins, M. Notaro, I.C. Prentice, J. Kutzbach, R. Jacob, P. Behling, L. Wang and E. Ong (2007). Simulating the transient evolution and abrupt change of North Africa atmosphere-ocean-terrestrial ecosystem in the Holocene. Journal of Quaternary Science Review, 26, 1818-1837. CCR #936. CCR #936 PDF.

Kutzbach, G. (2007). Climate Variability and Change: Past, Present, and Future: John E. Kutzbach Symposium. Table of Contents PDF

McEnaney-DeWall, K. (2007). Redefining the Age of Clovis: A Review. Screenings: The Oregon Archaeological Society Newsletter, 56(7), pgs. 4-5, 7. CCR #937.

Wu L., Z. Liu, C. Li and Y. Sun, (2007). Extratropical control of recent tropical Pacific decadal climate variability: a relay teleconnection. Clim. Dyn, 28 (1), 99-112, doi: 10.1007/s00382-006-0198-5. CCR #891.

Bryson, R.A. and K. McEnaney-DeWall (eds), (2007). A Paleoclimatology Workbook: High Resolution, Site-Specific, Macrophysical Climate Modeling & Template CD. Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, SD, Hot Springs, SD. CCR #930. Table of Contents PDF

Abram, N.J., M.K. Gagan, Z. Liu, W.S. Hantoro, M.T. McCulloch, B.W. Suwargadi, (2007). Seasonal characteristics of the Indian Ocean Dipole during the Holocene epoch. Nature 445: 299-302, doi: 10.1038/nature05477. CCR #935. CCR #935 PDF

Zhu, X., J. Sun, Z. Liu, Q. Liu, and J.E. Martin, (2007). A Synoptic Analysis of the Interannual Variability of Winter Cyclone Activity in the Aleutian Low Region. Journal of Climate 20(8), pgs. 1523-1538, doi: 10.1175/JCLI4077.1. CCR #934. CCR #934 PDF © Copyright 15 April 2007 AMS

Bryson, R.A. and K.M. DeWall, (2007). Environments of the Northwest Entrada: an examination of climate, environment, and timing in the peopling of the Americas from the northwest. In, Schneider, A.L. and A. Stenger (eds), Proceedings of the International Science Conference, Science in Archaeology, Houston 2007. Institute for Archaeological Studies, pgs. 35-59. CCR #933.

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White, W. B. and Z. Liu (2007). Resonant excitation of the quasi-decadal oscillation by the 11-year signal in the Sun's irradiance. J. Geophys. Res., 113, C01002, doi:10.1029/2006JC004057. CCR #927.

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Wang, Y., M. Notaro, Z. Liu, R. Gallimore, S. Levis, and J.E. Kutzbach (2007). Detecting vegetation-precipitation feedbacks in mid-Holocene North Africa from two climate models. Climate of the Past, 3, 961-975. CCR #922. CCR #922 PDF. Climate of the Past

Vavrus, S, (2007). The role of terrestrial snow cover in the climate system. Climate Dynamics 29(1), pgs. 73-88, doi: 10.1007/s00382-007-0226-0. PDF (from "published" page). Original Publication. This original publication is available at by searching for the DOI. CCR #920.

Yang, J., Q. Liu, S.-P. Xie, Z. Liu, and L. Wu, (2007). On the impact of Indian Ocean SST basin mode on Asian Monsoon. Geophysical Research Letters 34, L02708, doi: 10.1029/2006GL028571. CCR #918.

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