LCC Statistical Downscaling: Michigan

Note: All plots display the CHANGE in a specific variable from the late 20th century to either the mid- or late- 21st century.

Mid 21st Century (1980-2055)
Late 21st Century (1980-2090)

Maximum Temperature
Minimum Temperature
Diurnal Temperature Range
Growing Season Length
Date of First Fall Freeze
Date of Last Spring Freeze
Growing Degree Days
Freezing Degree Days
Cooling Degree Days
Heating Degree Days
Nights Below 0F Per Year
Days Below 20F Per Year
Days Above 90F Per Year
Days Above 100F Per Year
Days With Precipitation
Days With 1"+ Precip Per Decade
Days With 2"+ Precip Per Decade
Days With 3"+ Precip Per Decade

Snow Depth
Days With Snowpack
Days With Snowpack 10"+
Days With Snowfall
Winter Severity Index

Temp Spread: Michigan
Prec Spread: Michigan

Descriptions of model data

Download the netcdf files that were used to make these plots here: netcdf_files_statdown.tar