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Ferret Scripts 1

Regrid netcdf data and output it to a file

NOTE: This is much faster and easier than regridding with NCL.  Ferret commands and variables are in green type.

Consider the dimensions of these two files: and

The first is NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis data that has dimensions of 1 time by 92 latitudes by 192 longitudes. The second is FOAM 1.5 LPJ data with dimensions of 1 time by 128 latitudes by 128 longitudes. 

Say you want to look at the difference between the two models. However, since they are on different horizontal grids, GrADS and other software cannot difference them. So you need to regrid the data. You can do this with a short ferret script that we will call regrid.jnl:
let ppt = prate[g=OPREC[d=1]]
let ts = skint[g=OPREC[d=1]]
save / ppt,ts

use tells ferret to use as the first data file.

use tells ferret to use as the second data file.

let ppt = prate[g=OPREC[d=1]] defines a new variable called ppt. This variable is equal to prate from the second data file placed on the grid of the variable OPREC from the first data file [g=OPREC[d=1]]. The g tells ferret that the grid is changed, and the [d=1] denotes the first data file.

The line let ts = skint[g=OPREC[d=1]] is similar, except we are creating a new variable, ts, that is skint from the file placed on the grid of OPREC from the second data file.

To save these variables to a new file, we invoke the command save / ppt,ts to output the newly created variables to a new file called  Multiple variables saved to this file are separated by a comma.

This script can be run by running ferret: at the unix prompt, type ferret. Then type go regrid.jnl at the ferret prompt. After the script runs, type quit to exit ferret. You should now have a data file that has the ncep data on the foam grid.

Helpful hint: you may get a memory error when you run this script. Try using the SET MEMORY/SIZE=x, where x is an integer. A value between 40 - 100 often works; if it doesn't, keep increasing it until it does.

Download the two data files used in this example:

Download the script:

Thanks to Donna Lee for help in creating the script. If you have problems running the script, email Sara Rauscher.

NCEP Reanalysis data provided by the NOAA-CIRES Climate Diagnostics Center, Boulder, Colorado, USA, from their Web site at