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Data-Derived Walter Biomes

We make extensive use of data from 600 Permian fossil plant localities, which provides the highest resolution of paleoclimatic information. By considering spatial patterns of generic diversity as well as leaf morphologies (representing different adaptations to the prevailing climate such as variations in seasonality) we are able to delineate climate biomes. These biomes can be related to Present-Day equivalents and to the model results for temperature and precipitation. The floral data allows resolution of important climate information contained in the spectrum between 'dry' and 'wet' end-member indicators such as evaporites and coals.

Floral List Localities

Correspondence Analysis Results

Morphocat Pies Map

Biome Anchor Points

Biome Map

Biome Map with Anchor Points

Biome Map with Floral List Localities

Biome Map with Floral List Localites (large scale)